Dove Building Services Inc.

Mr. Vernon Gibson founded Dove Building Services in 1977 as the company's sole employee. After almost 33 years of operation, Dove Building Services is one of the areas premier providers of contract custodial services for approximately 20 Central Ohio businesses. Some of Dove's current contracts consist of Fortune 500 companies, federal and local governments, and private enterprises. This list includes Limited Brands, Ohio State University, Ohio Expo Center and Battelle.
Dove's management team makes periodic visits throughout its customer's buildings at times when employees may or may not be present. Notes are taken and reviewed within the management team and the on site staff. Our management team under scores Dove's commitment to service and quality by meeting regularly with the client's representative to make sure the client's needs are being met.
Dove Building Services enjoys an open door policy with clients for any situation that might occur with regard to the cleanliness of their facility. Mr. Gibson, president and CEO, visits any building that might have a potential problem and works directly with the employees to resolve it. Further, Dove employees are given the freedom to make constructive suggestions.
As a result, Dove Building Services has an outstanding record of maintaining long-term accounts and client relationships.
Privately owned, Dove Building Services is a 100% minority and veteran business enterprise, incorporated in the state of Ohio.